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  • Industry Characteristics of Precision Casting

    Among them, investment casting is more commonly used in investment casting, also known as lost wax casting: use suitable investment materials (such as paraffin) to make investment molds; repeat the process of dipping refractory paint and spreading refractory sand on the investment mold to harden ...
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  • The Method of Precision Casting Pouring Surface

    During pouring, the location of the casting often in the mold interferes with the quality, dimensional accuracy, and difficulty of the molding process.   Selection principle of pouring part:   1. The main production and processing surface of precision castings or the main production and processin...
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  • The Scope and Method of Precision Casting Cleaning

    The process of cleaning precision castings from the mold, removing excess parts other than the main body, and polishing the inner and outer surfaces of the castings.   De-coring and surface cleaning:   Divided into two categories, dry and wet. Dry cleaning is the use of mechanical equipment to cl...
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  • Prevention of Porosity in Silica Sol Precision Casting and Pouring Temperature

    The development of silica sol precision casting in China has been relatively late. The product requires a relatively high precision process during the manufacturing process. Silica sol precision casting needs to further strengthen the product process in theory and practice. Correct understanding,...
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  • The management requirements of valve spare parts and their differences with valve accessories

    Regarding valve spare parts, I believe everyone is familiar with it. However, whether you have a comprehensive understanding and understanding so far, from the current learning situation of everyone, I am afraid that the answer to this question is that there is no, that is, The expected goals and...
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  • The Production Process and Ttechnological Requirements of Stainless Steel Precision Casting

    The Production Process and Ttechnological Requirements of Stainless Steel Precision Casting

    Dongying Shengyu Precision Casting Factory will effectively manufacture molds according to different shapes. The mold of the product can be effectively divided into upper mold and lower mold, and integrated processes such as milling, etching, and EDM are used. The shape and size of the pits are c...
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