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  • Importance of China’s Foundry Industry

    China’s foundry industry has always been an important, basic, and irreplaceable industry in the national economy, with the advantages of relatively low cost and wide process adaptability. my country is a large casting country, and its annual output of castings, as well as the number of empl...
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  • Analyze Two Major Issues that Need to Be Controlled In The Production of Stainless Steel Castings

    The final molding of castings is mainly formed by the cooling and solidification of liquid metal. In the production process of castings, if the casting process is not mastered, the quality of the castings will be out of line, which will affect the service performance of the castings and the servi...
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  • What Is the Development History of Precision Casting?

    Precision casting includes investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting and EPC. Investment casting, also known as wax loss casting, is commonly used: appropriate investment casting materials (such as paraffin) are selected to make investment molds; Repeat the st...
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  • Heat Treatment of Precision Castings

    Due to different purposes of precision castings, there are many heat treatments, which can be basically divided into two categories. The first is that the microstructure will not change or should not change through heat treatment, and the second is that the basic microst...
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  • Deep groove ball bearing, Chinese manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing

    Deep groove ball bearing, Chinese manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing Qianyong Foreign Trade Bearing Co., Ltd. mainly produces deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and wheel hub bearings. ...
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  • Installation method of deep groove ball bearing

    Bearings have many applications in my life. There are bearings in many machines. Deep groove ball bearings, also known as single row centripetal ball bearings, are the most commonly used roller bearings. The utility model has the advantages of low friction and high speed...
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