Improvement Method of Sand Flushing

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    2023-5-11 15:43:00

Improvement Method of Sand Flushing for Shell Mold of Precision Casting

Through the weekly quality improvement meeting on Wednesday, precision casting manufacturer Shengyu metal continues to pay attention to the quality situation. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of quality first. Recently, the quality data reflect the increase in the proportion of poor sand washing products in production.

The production department led the audit department to assist in the follow-up inspection. The production department listed the possible sand washing points in the production process one by one through the 8D analysis method. The audit department went deep into the site to investigate one by one according to the control points listed by the production department. Finally, the main cause of poor sand washing was found in the shell mold link, and the shell mold was inspected by sampling, 30% of anomalies were found.